Lawyer calculating the division of property terms to negotiate in a divorce.

What Factors Affect the Division of Property in Texas?

When two people get divorced, one of the main issues they must deal with is the division of property. However, property isn’t always divided evenly. Rather, Texas law requires courts to divide property in a manner that is “just and right.” And despite guidelines that are in place to help judges ensure that property divisions […]

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Same sex couple going through Texas' adoption laws.

Adoption Laws for Same-Sex Couples in Texas

Same-sex married couples and heterosexual married couples have the same adoption rights in Texas. However, the adoption process can be complicated. Therefore, if you’d like to pursue adoption in Texas as a same-sex couple, please review the information below, and contact a Texas adoption attorney today for a consultation.  Adoption laws in Texas  The Texas […]

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Youngberg Law Firm discusses some basics of property division in divorces.

Texas Divorce Property Division Basics

In any divorce, one of the primary issues to be addressed is the division of property. However, contrary to popular belief, property isn’t always divided right down the middle. Rather, Texas courts are required by law to divide property in a manner that is “just and right.” However, despite legal guidelines that are intended to […]

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Youngberg Law Firm discusses how you can modify your child support or custody order in Texas.

How Can I Modify My Child Support/Custody Orders in Texas?

Following a divorce involving children, the court enters orders regarding child support and custody that the parents must follow. However, as time moves along, things change, and modifications to these orders are sometimes necessary. Luckily, in Texas, it is possible to modify child support and custody orders under certain circumstances. If you need to modify […]

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Youngberg Law Firm discusses what same-sex couples should know about a divorce in Texas.

What Same-Sex Couples Should Know About Divorce in Texas

Ever since the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, same-sex couples in Texas have had questions regarding their rights. Generally speaking, same-sex couples enjoy the same rights as other married couples, including the ability to obtain a divorce. However, in order to obtain a divorce in Texas, married couples must meet certain requirements. If […]

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Youngberg Law Firm discusses the property division process in divorces in Texas.

Property Division in Divorce

How to divide property is one of the primary concerns decided in a divorce proceeding. The division of property includes the division of both assets (money, accounts, property, etc.) and liabilities (debts). Not all of this will be subject to division, of course. Only “marital property” is divided in a divorce. The first step in […]

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Youngberg Law Firm discusses the process of uncontested divorces in Texas.

Uncontested Divorces

An uncontested divorce is much more streamlined than a contested divorce. It is quicker and less expensive than a contested divorce as the parties have agreed to all key terms of the divorce and so litigation is not necessary. Reaching a point where you are able to seek an uncontested divorce, however, is difficult because, […]

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two sets of hands across table

Uncontested Divorce: Do I need a lawyer
to get divorced?

Divorce is an expensive process no matter how you go about it. The filing fees alone typically cost $300.00 or more. If both you and your spouse hire attorneys, the short-term costs will only get higher. You may think to yourself that, despite the fact that you are getting divorced, you and your spouse get […]

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