Denton County Fathers’ Rights Attorney

If you’re a father going through a family law issue involving your child, you need to know your rights. From child custody and support to paternity and domestic violence, many fathers believe the deck is unfairly stacked against them. You have too much on the line to settle for anything less than zealous advocacy.

Here at Youngberg Law Firm, we take fairness seriously. Fathers deserve a court system that does as well. We can work with you through any divorce or domestic case you are facing and ensure that your best interests are aggressively defended.

What Are Fathers’ Rights?

Many fathers across the country feel that the family court system is biased against fathers and in favor of mothers. That was true for a time in Texas. At one point, custody laws in Texas embraced the tender years’ doctrine. This was essentially a presumption, all things being equal between the parents in a custody case,  that during the child’s early years the mother should have custody. The laws have changed to the point that courts can no longer favor either parent based on their sex. The current public policy of the state of Texas is to have both parents have possession of and access to the children as long as they can provide a safe and stable environment for the children. 

But that doesn’t mean that all bias has disappeared.  While we have wonderful judges here in Denton County, the Judges are still people, and no law can completely separate one’s biases and values from his or her duties. Some fathers still feel that bias has negatively affected them in their case, and not just in the realm of child custody.

In Which Domestic Issues Does A Fathers’ Rights Attorney Work?

An experienced fathers’ rights attorney can assist with any aspect of divorce or other family law matters. These are just a few of the issues for which you may especially want a fathers’ rights lawyer:

  • Child Custody
  • Paternity
  • Child Support
  • Domestic Violence

How Can A Fathers’ Rights Attorney Help With Custody Disputes?

Custody cases are supposed to be decided with the child’s best interests in mind. Too often, however, they are little more than opportunities for bickering parents to attack each other. The father may feel that the interests of the mother may be given undue consideration because of stereotypes and prejudices concerning gender.

Divorce and custody cases are often emotionally charged and that can lead parents to act against the best interest of their kids. Often this emotionally charged atmosphere leads to an attempt to alienate the child from the father by speaking negatively of him. In some cases, it results in resistance to equal parenting time. In severe cases, a parent may attempt to thwart visitation or try to withhold the child outright.

A dedicated fathers’ rights attorney takes a comprehensive view of the custody case by working to:

  • Improve your chances of winning maximum custody and visitation time
  • Demonstrate the necessity of the father in the child’s life
  • Resist efforts to alienate the child or damage the father-child relationship
  • Ensure the court addresses reasonable concerns with the other parent’s  parental fitness
  • Modify orders as necessary based on changed circumstances

Your attorney will attempt to settle custody on terms that are fair to you. But if necessary, we will take your case before the judge and demand an equitable outcome.

What Does A Father Need To Know About Paternity In Texas?

A married mother will share child custody with her husband since Texas law presumes the husband is the father. The situation is quite different for an unmarried mother. Unless the father has been acknowledged by an acknowledgment of paternity or is otherwise presumed to be the father of the child, The mother will be the only legal parent of the child until such time as the father establishes paternity. Until paternity is established, the father may have limited access to the child. 

That’s where we come in. We will help you establish paternity either through a voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity or through court action. Once we do so, we will work on getting you the best possible custody and visitation arrangement.

How Does Child Support Work for Texas Fathers?

A court may order either or both parents to pay child support in Texas. The amount that is ordered will ultimately depend upon numerous factors but generally sticks to a straightforward formula for calculating support. Because paying child support is tightly linked to who has primary custody of the child, fights over custody may have a lot to do with child support.  

One point of contention that fathers’ rights attorneys often see is mothers who deny visitation because the father is not paying. Under Texas law, a mother cannot refuse visitation because she is not receiving child support. We not only make sure visitation rights are not unjustly denied on the basis of child support but where necessary we will file motions to enforce or modify a custody order to protect the father’s rights.

I’m Facing Accusations of Domestic Violence – What Should I Do?

A seasoned Texas fathers’ rights attorney knows that domestic violence charges can have serious consequences for your custody rights. In many cases, a mere allegation is enough for an ambitious district attorney to file charges. Judges, trying to err on the side of caution, are reluctant to deny requests for temporary restraining orders. Domestic violence is a real problem, but fathers deserve fair treatment.

Some parties are willing to use false domestic violence allegations to gain an advantage in pending custody litigation. It’s wrong, and it’s something we will strenuously defend against. Not only do we fight accusations of abuse, we argue for your ability to see your child. If the other parent has a history of making unwarranted domestic violence accusations, we can help you develop strategies for staying out of trouble and protecting your parental rights.

When Your Rights as a Father Are at Risk, Turn to Us

Family law matters can seem like uphill battles, especially if you’re a father. Make sure your voice is heard. Turn to Youngberg Law Firm. We will tirelessly argue for the best outcome for you. Call us today to schedule your consultation.