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For most people, even routine legal matters -- like taxes and traffic tickets -- can be a bit unsettling. When the law affects life on the home front, involving intimate family issues, it becomes more daunting. This is why no one should try to resolve legal family concerns without the guidance of a first-class family law attorney. In the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas, the Youngberg Law Firm is dedicated to providing strong, trustworthy, and individualized attention to each of its clients.

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The Advantages of Using the Youngberg Law Firm

Located in Denton, the Youngberg Law Firm has a well-deserved reputation for compassion as well as efficiency. Whether you come to our office to assist you in a joyful event, such as adoption, or a problematic process like divorce, you will always be treated with kindness and respect. We have extensive knowledge of family law on both state and federal levels and are eager to share it with you in order to clarify the way in which it impacts your particular situation. However complex or emotionally charged your circumstances, you can count on our talented attorney Mike Youngberg to support your position and stand up for your rights, now and in the future.

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At the Youngberg Law Firm we understand the complicated emotions that can lead to disharmony in your family. Over the years we have developed many strategies to calm the troubled waters and offer options that are agreeable to everyone in the family group.

Whether Mike Youngberg assists you in careful negotiations or uses his well-honed litigation skills in the courtroom, his presence will give you confidence. Once you become a client of the Youngberg Law Firm you can rest assured that our legal team has your back. Call us today for a consultation that will convince you of our integrity and our ability to protect your best interests.

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Practice Areas of Family Law We Cover


Though adoption is a happy, fulfilling part of family life, most couples have to endure long periods of waiting and possible loss, frustration and/or disappointment before they are able to expand their family through this process. Mike Youngberg is prepared to expedite the adoption procedure as much as possible, even if your case has a built-in complication, such as uncertain paternity or the past criminal conviction of one of the parents-to-be.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is, unfortunately, as common as it is repulsive. If you are experiencing threats, stalking, or physical and/or sexual assaults, you need an experienced family law attorney to help extricate you and your children from this dangerous situation. Conversely, if you are being falsely accused of domestic abuse in order to manipulate the terms of your divorce agreement, it is crucial that you recruit a family law attorney who knows how to free you from this burden of undeserved blame.


Paternity is one of those issues that can be filled with pride or terrible anxiety both on the part of the biological father and on the part of the mother. Years ago, there was a fair amount of guesswork and circumstantial evidence at play in determining biological fatherhood, but now DNA tests offer proof positive. Still, legal processes have to be followed when paternity is in question and documents have to be filed. With so much at stake, an experienced family law attorney should be supervising the case.


 Mediation is often the preferred method of dealing with divorce since it creates a far less acrimonious way for couples to decide the specifics of their divorce agreement. Favored by Texas courts because it saves court time and costs, and by couples who want to avoid angry confrontations, mediation is becoming increasingly popular. As a matter of fact, in all of Denton County and Collin County District courts, the courts have specifically encouraged parties to mediate their cases prior to final trial. Having an unbiased, well-trained mediator at the helm has taken the sting out of many previously antagonistic divorce disputes. 

It should be noted that mediation is a confidential process.  If for some reason negotiations fall apart, the mediator cannot be compelled to give testimony relative to what took place during mediation.

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Since these days divorce is unfortunately commonplace, and since most couples don’t prepare for it, it is essential to have a capable family law attorney at the helm when going through this emotionally challenging process. Mike Youngberg is fully prepared to explain the consequences of your various options and help you decide which plans will work best for your family. He will make every effort to ensure that you are treated fairly by the divorce agreement in terms of time spent with your children (if you and your divorcing spouse have any) and in terms of financial responsibility.

At the Youngberg Law Firm we are well-equipped to assist you with every aspect of your divorce proceedings and will help you establish fair and equitable terms for any of the following that apply to your particular case:

  • Division of marital assets and debts
  • Child custody and child support
  • Spousal maintenance (if necessary)
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Mr. Youngberg worked my divorce as quickly and promptly as possible. He returned all messages promptly and never left me wondering where I stood in the case.

- Jeremy
Would definitely hire again!

Professional and on top of the case. I was fully informed and had my questions answered all along the way. Had a favorable resolution to my case.

- Kim
I would recommend this team and firm to anyone

...instrumental in my case being resolved in a very timely and professional manner. I would recommend this team and firm to anyone that is in need of a family attorney.

- Daniel McCaig

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