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Life is constantly changing. Nonetheless, divorce is such an enormous, multifaceted alteration to your lifestyle that once the decree is finalized you may feel entitled to a period of stability. While some people do experience a calm after the storm, it is a good idea to prepare yourself for changes yet to come. Life is ever-changing and therefore modifications will occur to court orders such as:

This means it is important to have a capable, caring family law attorney to guide you through the aftermath of divorce so that life for you and your family remains on an even keel even in the face of unexpected occurrences.

The Youngberg Law Firm, located in Corinth, has a track record of success in handling all matters related to divorce, including the modification of orders. We are well-schooled in Texas family law and able to assist you in facilitating alterations of court orders. Mike Youngberg is not only a skilled negotiator and litigator; he is also an attorney dedicated to strengthening your legal position and bringing you the successful conclusion you desire.

Reasons for Modification of Orders in Texas

There are a great many reasons that orders concerning divorce must be modified. Most commonly, these modifications are necessary due to:

  • Job relocation of a parent
  • Significant change in financial circumstances of one or both parties
  • Wishes of a child 12 years old or older to change custody arrangements
  • Health problems that have arisen for a child or one of the parents
  • Proposed changes to the order would serve the child’s best interests
  • One parent’s remarriage
  • One parent’s unemployment
  • One parent’s hospitalization or incarceration
  • One parent’s addiction
  • One parent’s abuse or neglect of his/her child

It is important to remember that children may have some say in the modification of orders if they are 12 years old or older. For instance, if a child of this age does not wish to change child custody arrangements, the court is required to speak with the child on the request of a party and may reject such a modification based on the child’s request. Ultimately the Court’s decision is still going to be guided by the child’s best interest but all other things being equal, the Courts often listen very carefully to a child’s wishes for conservatorship, possession, and access.

It should be remembered that in certain situations The Texas Attorney General Child Support Division can also file suit to modify child support.

How the Modification of Orders Process Works

Texas law allows either party (or in certain circumstances the Texas Attorney General Child Support Division) to file a petition seeking modification of an order. Of course, if both parties agree on the need for the requested change the process goes much more quickly since the court will usually approve an uncontested request. In cases in which this seems possible, the Youngberg Law Firm will work hard to make sure the negotiations go smoothly and that old grievance are not reignited.

If your former spouse is confrontational, however, our modification of order attorney will fight aggressively to see that you win the dispute. If your ex is served with papers and does not file an answer or appear in court on the appointed day, your suit could be won by default. Mike Youngberg, however, is also ready for the possibility that your ex may file a countersuit, attempting to modify an order in a way that will not be favorable to you and is not in the best interests of your child. If this comes to pass, you can count on Mike to make sharp strategic moves designed to protect your interests and keep your children safe.

Where should modifications of orders be filed?

In most situations, the petition for modification must be filed in the court in which the divorce was granted. If the child has moved, however, the case may be transferred to the court in the child’s new county of residence.

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If you are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, whether you are seeking a talented family law attorney to help you modify a divorce order or defend you against such a modification — the Youngberg Law Firm in Corinth is the right place to come. Not only are we well-positioned to focus on this particular aspect of divorce law, but we are also equally prepared to handle either side of the issue. Mike Youngberg will provide you with quality legal representation. He has the personal concern and professional insight to guide you through this process and he will treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation.

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