couple at a child support modification hearing

What to Expect at a Child Support Modification Hearing

Major changes in the life of a divorced parent, such as financial hardship, incarceration, serious injury, or a change in employment or marital status may require the modification of a child support payment amount. In Texas, the modification of a child support payment amount is accomplished at a child support modification hearing. Below is an overview of what to expect at a child support modification hearing in Texas. If you are a divorced parent who has recently experienced a change that requires the modification of a child support payment amount, please contact a Denton County family law attorney for additional information. 

The Attendees 

The typical attendees at a child support modification hearing are the child’s parents, the judge, and the parents’ attorneys. Children usually don’t attend child support modification hearings.

The Process

At a child support modification hearing, the parent requesting modification presents a statement explaining the reasons behind his or her request. In addition, since child support is based on parental income, the parents must provide the court with financial documentation. Also, the parents may present arguments at the hearing in support of their respective positions on the proposed modification. Typically, this information is presented to the court by each parent’s family law attorney. Following the presentation of this information, the judge reviews the case to determine whether to grant the modification request.

In Texas, the court can modify a child support order if

  • the circumstances of the child or parents have materially and substantially changed, or 
  • three years have passed since the previous order was rendered or last modified and certain financial guidelines are met.

In Texas, there are many events that a court may consider a material and substantial change in circumstances, including 

  • an increase or decrease in parental salary,
  • the birth of an additional child,
  • a change in the primary residence of the child,
  • an increase or decrease in a parent’s ability to financially support the child, and
  • a significant change in a parent’s employment.

The final step in the child support modification hearing process is for the judge to deny or approve the modification. If the judge denies the modification, the existing child support order remains in effect. If the judge approves the modification, the new child support amount will go into effect once the court files the judgment. 

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