Couple holding hands in a common law marriage.

Are There Any Benefits to a Common Law Marriage?

If you and your partner meet certain criteria, you may be considered married by common law in Texas. There are several benefits to common law marriage, the primary one being legal recognition of your relationship. In addition, common law marriage offers couples property division rights, inheritance rights, and possibly spousal maintenance if the relationship ends. […]

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Do Domestic Violence Allegations Affect Property Division?

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a common issue in many Texas divorces, and judges in Texas divorce cases may take instances of domestic violence into account when making divorce-related decisions. One such decision is property division. However, before looking into the effect that domestic violence can have on property division in Texas, it is first necessary […]

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Couple going through a divorce.

Will a Divorce Affect My Pension?

If you’ve worked for a company or public entity for a significant period, it’s quite possible that you’re entitled to a pension when you retire. However, if you’re considering a divorce in Texas, you should understand the effect that divorce can have on your ability to collect your full pension. Below is an overview of […]

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Woman and child in a same-sex custody battle.

Common Issues in Same-Sex Custody Cases in Texas

Same-sex couples have been allowed to marry and divorce in the United States for some time now. However, despite the acceptance and legality of same-sex marriage in the United States, same-sex couples face unique challenges when seeking custody of a child following a divorce. This is because typically only one biological parent is involved in […]

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Stepmother with her stepchild, looking out on their porch.

I’m a Stepparent: How Can I Adopt My Stepchild?

Many stepparents who would like to formally adopt their stepchild are intimidated by the adoption process. This is understandable, as it is a complicated process with many steps.  However, with the assistance of an experienced adoption attorney, the adoption process becomes much easier.  If you are a stepparent who would like to adopt your stepchild, […]

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Divorcing couple signing alimony agreement.

What Determines the Need for Alimony in Texas?

If you are planning on getting a divorce in Texas, you probably have questions about alimony. For example, if you’re the primary earner in your household, you may wonder how much you’ll have to pay your spouse after your divorce. And if you’re a homemaker, you likely want to know how much alimony, if any, […]

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Attorney calculating marital debt for divorcing couple.

Marital Debt in Texas: Who Pays?

Property division is a big point of contention in most divorces. Couples often fight over who will keep what, who will pay alimony and a litany of related issues. However, one issue that is often overlooked is the division of marital debt. Married couples often fail to realize that they may be on the hook […]

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Lawyer looking over a spousal maintenance agreement.

Factors That Could Terminate Spousal Maintenance Agreements

Following a divorce in Texas, the court allows for the payment of spousal maintenance (sometimes called alimony or spousal support) from one former spouse to the other. However, under certain circumstances, the paying spouse may petition the court to terminate spousal maintenance payments. Whether you are interested in pursuing or fighting a modification or termination […]

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Father visiting his newborn child.

How to Enforce My Child Visitation Order in Texas

Following a divorce in Texas involving minor children, the court typically puts a visitation order in place. This order informs each parent of what is expected of them regarding child visitation. However, despite their clear guidelines, parents don’t always abide by child visitation orders. If you need assistance enforcing a child visitation order in Texas, […]

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Lawyer goes over the benefits of mediation to a divorcing couple.

The Benefits of Mediation in a Divorce

Tens of thousands of Texans choose to end their marriages every year, and these people must deal with a variety of complex issues, such as property division and child custody. Many of these couples end up in long court battles, which can be both time consuming and costly. Others, however, choose to resolve these matters […]

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